Our Purpose

To empower business owners by helping them successfully exit or grow their business

At Profectus Capital Management we know each business is different and has different needs. It’s not always just about the money. This is why not only will we do full acquisition but more often than not we end up partnering with the current business owner. We bring our team, resources and knowledge to the table to help you achieve the growth you know is possible.

You’ve worked hard and sacrificed a lot to get your business where it is today. Don’t just give it away to someone who will beat you down in negotiations to take what you’ve lost sleep over, cried over, and bent over backwards to build.

Instead, work with our team to bust through ceilings and tear down walls that are holding you and your business back.


We seek business for whom our connections, expertise, and capital can be leveraged into rapid profitable growth, and where our service lines and client bases are synergistic.

  • Annual Revenues of $2-$20 million
  • Established business with 3+ years of successful experience
  • Track record of consistent revenue and profits (No Start up’s)
  • Owner has a desire to see the business grow and succeed (Willing to stay on in some capacity)
  • Business located in continental United States

Next Steps

If you are interested in what your business is worth or speaking to us about a full or partial acquisition. Take just 5 min and fill out this short questionnaire.

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